Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tip of the Hat-The Ghostbusters Reboot

This week, a major announcement was revealed for one of the most cherished film franchises: Ghostbusters. For sometime now, it has been considered that Ghostbusters would be getting a reboot, and the film would feature an all female cast of ghostbusters. Well it turns out that the rumors are true as the cast for the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot has  been announced. Directed by Paul Feig the reboot stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. The four actresses will star in this upcoming reboot which will be hitting theaters in the summer of 2016.

While it is interesting to see a new Ghosbusters finally coming to theaters, I cannot help but feel just a little concerned with this reboot. What is there to be concerned about may you ask? While production for the film is still early, what concerns me about this reboot is the general idea behind the film. Now don't get me wrong: I have no problem with the idea of female Ghostbusters, nor do I have an issue with the actresses cast in the upcoming film. Yet what troubles me is that the general idea behind this movie comes off as (for the lack of better words) gimmicky.

Instead of feeling genuine, this idea behind the upcoming film comes off as a desperate way to do something different (which is not to say is a bad thing). It feels like the people behind the scenes want to a female Ghosbusters cast for the sake of having a female Ghostbusters casts.This leads to my other concern for the film which is considering what made Ghostbusters great in the first place.  While the first film's cast was a major element to Ghostbusters' success, the other thing that made the movie fantastic was the script written by Harold Raimis and Dan Aykroyd as well as the direction from Ivan Reitman. Because of the writing and direction, Ghostbusters had a sense of creativity that blended comedy and horror. The fact of the matter is that there were a lot of factors that played into the success of Ghostbusters; and again while it is not bad for the reboot to try something different, I worry that the new film is looking at one variable to be the reboot's major direction.

While the concept does worry me, that is not to say this Ghosbuster reboot will not be successful. There have been plenty of times where a reboot on paper did not look like it was going to work; only for the movie to take me by surprise and create something refreshing but still holds true to the original. This upcoming Ghostbusters reboot has every possibility to be a major surprise. Reports have already stated that the film will have a scarier tone; which can keep true to supernatural element of the original film. In the case of blending the scares with comedy, the reboot's humor may come the four Ghostbusters. In the original, some of the funniest moments came from the chemistry of the Ghostbusters themselves. Perhaps this new cast will utilize on this factor. If the movie is able to blend a creepy tone with the cast's funny chemistry, then this reboot could keep true to the spirit of Ghostbusters; as well as be an entertaining film.

For me: I need to see more on the new Ghostbusters film to make a proper judgement. It does concern me that film's main concept feels like a gimmick, but that is not to say that the cast of female Ghostbusters will not be effective. Perhaps the cast will go beyond this simple idea and become a cast that is enjoyable and does justice to the name Ghostbusters. This reboot has every chance in the world to be a great film, and though I find some of the direction questionable, I can only hope that this reboot will be a great addition to the Ghostbusters franchise.

The Ghostbusters Reboot is scheduled to hit theaters on July 22, 2016.