Thursday, February 20, 2014

SCN: Fantastic Four Revealed, Godzilla and More On Guardians!

Welcome to Something Cinematic News. Being the first of this blog series, let me quickly go into what SCN is all about (despite it being obvious). I cover the biggest stories to hit the movie world and give my two cent on each one. That's it, simple as that. So with out further ado, lets get into today's SCN. 

The Fantastic Four has found its...well Fantastic Four!

The word of a reboot to Marvel's Fantastic Four has been circling the movie world for sometime. The movie found its director through Chronicles' Josh Trank, and the film is scheduled to hit theaters on June of 2015. It seems like this reboot is ready to go, except there has been one thing: the film lacked a Fantastic Four. While the movie has been in motion, the film has lack its primary cast. That is until today. 

The news broke last night and it is official, The Fantastic Four has its team. The listing is as followed: Miles Teller will play Reed Richards/Mr.Fantastic. Kate Mara dawns the role of Susan Storm aka The Invisible Woman. Chronicles' Michael B Jordan will play Johnny Storm, or better known as The Human Torch. Finally, Jamie Bell will play Ben Grimm, otherwise known as The Thing. 

Like many, I wasn't too ecstatic about having a younger Fantastic Four, but after seeing this news, I guess that's what were getting. Am I upset that we are getting a younger group? No, not really. First off, the four are in their 20's and 30's. I doubt that qualifies at being young. Second, this could be one of those cases were something that looks bad on paper actually works out in the end. Just because this group was not fans' first choice doesn't t mean hey can't win us over. I think it is all going to depend on how the story plays out. Now I await the casting the real star of the film: Dr.Doom. 

Godzilla is HUGE in New Poster. Well, Bigger then Normal.

Coming this summer is the return of the king of monsters Godzilla. Director Gareth Edwards brings this reimaniging of the iconic monster to big screen this May. While there are few months left before the film's release, fans can be pleased to see a new poster for the monster film has hit the web. 

Now I know that Godzilla was going to be massive in this film, but boy is he huge! Granted, this could be an exaggeration for the sake of the poster, but given the details of the film's incarnation of the legendary kaiju, it's difficult to say. All in all, I think this poster is great. I love the colors used for the sheet and I think it capture the scope of the film quite well. 

More Content For Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Earlier this week, viewers finally got a taste of Marvel's riskiest film to date, Guardians of the Galaxy, when the first trailer premiered on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. The trailer turned non believers into believers and made fans that more excited for the film's release. While the trailer to continues to buzz the web, the fun has not ended for the upcoming film as Marvel Entertainment has some new content on the sci-fi adventure.

If you still weren't sure who The Guardians were after seeing the trailer, you will today. Marvel Entertainment has released individual featurettes on each of the Guardians. You will see things like Bradley Cooper's voicing Rocket Racoon, Drax's backstory and seeing Vin Diesel talk about Groot. I've got to say, I wasn't expecting these featurettes so soon, but I guess Marvel really wants to push the film. Understandable. At any rate, I do like the videos. It gives a quick look at the characters as well as giving us everything we need to know about the cast. 

The other bit of content is the first poster of the film.  Much like the trailer, this poster is indeed one of a kind. When you're tagline is "You're Welcome", you know you are dealing with a different kind of movie. 

That will do it for this edition of SCN. Be sure to be on the lookout for more from this series; as well as the numerous blogs on films. Only on Something Cinematic: For Moviegoers, By Moviegoers.