Saturday, February 22, 2014

Who To Cast: Venom

Welcome to another edition of Who To Cast: the blog series where a number of moviegoers give their pick on who they think should a particular character in an upcoming movie. We continue the series by heading into the world of Spider-Man. For years, the story of Spider-Man have seen its fair share of famous characters.  Most of these esteemed characters just so happen to villains. Our pick for today is such a character. He has gone through many incarnations, but this baddie has always presented to be a nemesis for Spider-Man. He is none other then Venom. 
The symbiote has seen the limelight before in Spider-Man 3; though many found his portrayal disappointing. However it looks like Spidey's Arch Enemy is getting a second chance as Sony is planning a spin-off film for Venom. Where this film will go is a mystery, but once the movie is set in stone, who could take the role as Venom? Before we get started, lets get one thing out of the way.  Because many characters have taken the role of Venom, we will keep it simple and look the most common carnation of the villain: Eddie Brock. So who do we think would make the best Venom?  Let's find out.

Klancy's Pick: Charlie Hunam
The trouble with casting someone like Venom is that the character is so popular and has been reimaged so many times that there is no set version of the character.  So this makes it so that there is no set type of actor that you can look at when casting. Do you play up Eddie Brooks connect to the symbiote as a drug addiction, or treat it more as a suit he wears which gives him powers and has no other effects. In the end, I’m going to be considering casting the character as he first appeared. For those unfamiliar, the venom symbiote was original Spider-man’s black costume, which he got while in space, and mistook as some form of alien technology. It was later revealed that the costume was in fact alive, and was taking over spidey’s body at night. Upon learning this, Spider-man was able to force it off by using the noise from local church bells. That same church happens to have Eddie Brock inside. Brock was a former journalist for one of the Daily Bugles competitors, until a number of article he wrote were proven false by Spider-man. Unable to find work outside of the tabloids, Brock blamed Spider-man for his misfortunes, and focused on weight training to reduce his stress. This didn't help, and he was on brinks of suicide when joined with the symbiote by their united hate for the old web head and became venom. So what we need to somebody in really good shape, but can also come across as smart in order to make the reporter aspect of the character believable. Personally I think Charlie Hunnam is a perfect choice. He is both a talented actor and in good physical shape. Plus he looks a lot like the design of the character from the late 80’s, which is always a plus. 

Ratin8tor's Pick: Chris Pine
Pine has proven before that he can play cocky young men (just take his recent roles in Star Trek and This Is War). He would nail down the arrogant prat that is Eddie Brock perfectly. However he would also be able to show a man who chose to give into the darkness rather than fight it. Add in the fact that he looks a bit like Eddie Brock and you've got yourself a winning combination. Plus I think he would work well off Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker, as both look roughly the same age. Hence my pick is his.

Kyle's Pick: Sam Rockwell
It took me a while but I think I figured out who should play Brock, and my pick is Sam Rockwell. Ignoring the fact that he was already in another Marvel property, Iron Man 2, I think he could pull it off. He's a pretty versatile actor and I think he'd be able to capture that mixture of sleeze, ego, and craziness the character should have. And yes, I know he's way older than Andrew Garfield but wasn't Eddy Brock slightly older than Peter Parker in the comics anyway. Correct me If I'm wrong about that. Anyway, so that's who I'd choose. 

JotaKa's Pick: Josh Brolin 
If it's gonna start with him as Eddie Brock, the newspaper guy with few muscles, I think Josh Brolin would actually do a good job. Now, I'm going to admit that the only part I see him do was past K, on MiB the third, but still, I think he could really shine as Venom, this veteran newspaper photographer that was outranked by this newbie that take great shots of the red and blue spidey.

Tim's Pick: Aaron Paul
I am taking a shot of the dark on this one because I've never seen Aaron Paul work. However, for some strange reason, his name came to mind when I thought about this role; and it made sense. The thing about casting this character is that there are many factors to consider. First off, we are not just talking about casting someone as an antagonist. This role is going to a Venom who is taking center stage. So you need someone who can handle a lead role of this caliber. Furthermore, Eddie Brock  needs to be someone at a prime age. He should play as Anti Peter Parker and be relatively close to the age of Andrew Garfield (which Paul is) Finally, there is getting the grasp of Venom. To be Brock means you means the character has to have a twisted sense of morals; or better yet, Brock has to be a anti-hero. I think Aaron Paul can play that kind of character. So while I'm taking a major guess with this choice, I think Aaron Paul would make a terrific Eddie Brock as well as fantastic Venom. 

So there you have, five very different choices for Eddie Brock. Do you agree with any of these choices? Or better yet, who do want to see play Venom? Feel free to contribute your own choice.