Thursday, January 16, 2014

Who To Cast: Lex Luthor

Whenever the next blockbuster is upon us, we can't help but think who should be in the film. What big time star do we want to see fill the shoes of the protagonist or antagonist. 9 out of 10 times, our dream casting choice doesn't come true; but who to say we can't give it a sporting chance? Welcome to the first edition of Who To Cast.  In this series, we take a look at a character of an upcoming project and decide which actor would be the best to fill that role. Most of these articles will no doubt be Comic Book related. It just the trend these days and makes for wonderful debates. So without further ado, lets get right into things as we kick  Who To Cast off with a iconic villain.
You don't have to be a comic book fan to know the name Lex Luthor. The notorious businessman has been the rival of Superman for years, both in the comics and other mediums. Now with the upcoming Batman vs Superman film heading our way next summer, many fans and moviegoers have speculated that Luthor will be causing trouble in the major blockbuster. The role is still to be determine, so who do we at Something Cinematic think should play the role? Let's find out:

Klancy's Pick: Josh Brolin
(image source: Collider)
Casting an iconic villain is never an easy task. But when it’s a character as popular and complex as Lex Luthor, it’s almost impossible. The question always is, do you cast a completely unknown or go with an obvious choice like Michael C. Hall or Bryan Cranston, who just got done playing a similar role? I must have gone through a list of 20 different names, but it kept coming back to the same two questions. What do I know about the film? And who stands an actual chance of being cast? Because as great as it would be to see Clancy Brown play the role, there’s not even a snowball’s chance that it would happen. 

Let’s look at this from the studios point of view. Your first film, while a box office hit, split the fan base. All of your major casting news since announcing the sequel have gave you nothing but backlash from these fans. You need an actor who is a proven fan favorite. In addition to this, rumor has it Lex Luthor is going to have an established relationship with Bruce Wayne, most likely that they were childhood friends. So who is the popular actor who is in the right age range to play Lex? Josh Brolin. Brolin is an establish actor who has shown that is more than capable of handling multi-layer character, and is the perfect choice to go against the Man of Steel.

James' Pick:  Denzel Washington
(image source: ynaija)
Is Bryan Cranston perfect for Lex Luthor? Yes, without a doubt. He’s got playing a bald evil genius down to a science. However, Lex must not only be smart, but in some ways also a physical threat (at least to the average man). Lex is vein. He has a good body because he wants to show that he is the master of all things. Sorry, Mr. White, being brilliant isn't enough.

That’s why I vote for Denzel Washington. Of all the names tossed around for Lex, his was the one that made me pause and think, “That’s kind of brilliant.” Denzel can play a villain with charm and charisma, but he’s also someone who can project great sympathy and humanity. Lex, at first at least, is thought to be a philanthropist. He has the people of Metropolis fooled.

Like Bryan Cranston, Washington also is quite capable of playing a brilliant man, but he also has an imposing physique. He can carry himself in action scenes and can be genuinely scary when he wants to be. Shave his head, stick him in Armani, and hand him a kryptonite ring and he’s ready to go head to head with Henry Cavill.

Picking Luthor is no easy matter. If I could have my way, I say let Michael Rosenbaum reprise his Smallville role. However, I don't I could get that lucky; plus it takes the fun away from this blog. There have been many names thrown around the web on who could Lex Luthor; and some of them I do like. However, of all the names I can think of, none likely is more peculiar then my pick.

Tim's Pick: Daniel Craig
(image source: es.wikipedia)
Now here me out on this one. First do I think this will happen? No. However, the more I thought about of 007 playing Luthor, the more I liked it. But of all the people to pick, why Craig? Well for starter, he has played a villain before in the 2011 Adventures of Tintin. While he wasn't the most memorable fiend, Craig proved that he can pull off an antagonist. Yet I suppose it will takes more then one villainous role to pull off Lex Luthor.

 There were many factors that went into my pick. For starters, while Craig has a 15 year difference on Cavill, Luthor needs to be in a 30's to 40's range (or at least appear to be). Second, there is a matter of charisma. Luthor can proclaim  that he is greatest criminal mind all he wants, but the characters has to have the charisma to back it up. Luthor needs to be imposing; in way where his physical looks matches his brain. I think Craig can pole that off. Not only is he in good shape but his charisma, demeanor and range can pull off a character like Lex Luthor. Then again, I don't think I've seen Daniel Craig bald; but there is a first time for everything. If not Craig, I can see a British actor playing the role of the arch villain.

So there you have it, three very different choices to play Lex Luthor. One could be right.They all could be wrong; but what do you think? Who do you say should play the world's greatest criminal mind?