Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rumor Roundup: Tarantino to stay in the West. Marvel cast Michael Douglas and eyes Johnny Depp

Written by: Klancy
January is by tradition a terrible time to be a movie fan. If you’re not seeing previews for films that studios know are bad, otherwise they wouldn't be coming out in January; you’re seeing news on award shows that have less to do with who actually deserves the awards and more on studio politics. But take heart movie goers, the month is halfway over and in the meanwhile we have movie news and rumors to discuss. 

Yippee Ki Yay: Tarantino heads back to the West. 
(image source: Cinemablend)
First off we finally have some news on Quentin Tarantino’s next film. During an interview with Jay Leno, Tarantino revealed his next project will be called The Hateful Eight, saying “It’s a western. I had so much fun doing ‘Django,’ and I love westerns so much that after I taught myself how to make one, it’s like ‘OK! Let me make another one now that I know what I’m doing.” This is good news for westerns fans, who have seen this once powerful genre all but disappear. While not a sequel to Django Unchained, Christoph Waltz appearing in the upcoming film has been confirmed, so let the speculation of whether or not he is returning to the role that won him an Oscar begin. There isn't much information on the film yet, but it can be assumed the project will be another Spaghetti Western, as that is what fits best with Tarantino’s style; and if the title is any indicator it will be drawing inspiration from classic westerns like The Magnificent Seven and The Wild Bunch.

Michael Douglas as the Villainous Hank Pym
(image source: Screencrush)
Up next, Marvel Studio may have found a villain for their Phase 3 film, Ant-Man, and it’s Ant-man. Allow me to explain, Marvel studios announced yesterday that they have cast Michael Douglas as Hank Pym aka the original Ant-man. This normally would be news worthy enough, but here is where things get interesting. You see, the 2015 film has already been confirmed to star Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, the second Ant-man. This has lead to a rumor that Hank Pym may be taking the villain role in the film. How do I feel about this? I think it’s a good idea. For those not familiar with the comics, Hank Pym is a character that Marvel keeps almost turning evil but never seems to want to fully commit to it. Pym is best known for the time he hit his wife, Janet van Dyne aka the Wasp, an all around better character, and a founding member of the Avengers; and for creating the evil robot, and upcoming Avengers 2 villain, Ultron. So making him a villain for the film isn't that much a stretch. Now this does raise two interesting question, the first being what does this mean for the character of the Wasp? The second, does this mean we can expect a cameo or supporting role for Douglas in The Avengers : Age of Ultron? Only time will tell.

Johnny Depp: Sorcerer Supreme?
(image source: Comicbookmovie.com)
Finally it looks like the head of Marvel Studio, Kevin Feige, is coming one step closer to making the Doctor Strange movie he has wanted to make since day 1. If rumors are to be believed, Marvel is currently in talks Johnny Depp to play the title role. Now while Depp is more than capable of playing the role, the question is should he be playing the Sorcerer Supreme? Personally, I think no. You see despite the name, the character of Dr. Strange doesn't have the strange personality that you normally associate with Depp’s normal characters. Seeing as Depp seems unwilling to play anything but eccentric as of late, I think his casting may be a bad call. Marvel is going to need a will manner, sane portrayal of Dr. Strange otherwise the magical creatures and elements he comes across feel less … well strange to the audience. Who knows, maybe Depp has a more grounded performance in mind, but for now let’s chalk this one up to a rumor and not worry about it until we hear more. 

That’s all for now folks. Feel free to share your own thoughts on these rumors and I will see you next.