Friday, January 17, 2014

Dave's Top 6 Anticipated Movies of 2014

The 2014 movie lineup has already started, and I know some moviegoers haven't gotten to their list of anticipated films (I'm getting to it). My pending list aside, another co-host to Something Cinematic: The Podcast has his list ready. So here is Brekclub 85 himself, Dave, six anticipated films of 2014:

See the blog title, here's what I am hyped for this year!

6: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man catching cars. Just one of things you can expect to see in this summer's opening blockbuster
Having enjoyed the original 2012 film, I am interested in where the series will go with this sequel, especially given what they have hyped up in the trailer. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero, and while I still like the first two Raimi films more, I am interested in seeing where Marc Webb's series goes in the future.

5: The Lego Movie
The legos take over the big screen this Febuaray. Next we'll see the likes of Lego Star Wars The Movie. Hmmmm....
From what I've been seeing in this trailers, this film looks like it is going to be a total blast. While I'll confess I haven't played with Legos in years and haven't really played any of the Lego video games, the unique animation style and the humor that's been previewed really makes me feel this will go down as one of the best animated films of the year. Why only one of the best? Wait till later this list.....

4: Interstellar
Little is known of Christopher Nolan's Sci-fi. All we know is that Matthew McConaughey looks sad.

It's really too early to make any speculation on this film, most of this being one of my picks simply comes from me being a fan of Nolan's previous works, especially Inception. Having heard about some of the plot points and themes that will be in this movie, I'm curious to see how they will play out and if we'll get anything as awesome as the zero gravity fight from Inception.

3: Captain America The Winter Soldier
Chris Evans reprises his role as The First Avenger in 2014 sequel
While Guardians of the Galaxy is the Marvel film this year everyone's hyped for, I personally have to go with Captain America 2, personally. The trailers for this one absolutely blew me away, it looks like it will have great fight scenes, great effects, and a political thriller plot, which I do enjoy from time to time. For added emphasis: This is the superhero flick I'm most hyped for this year, and I hadn't seen the first Captain America but the trailer had me sold.

2: How To Train Your Dragon 2
Hiccup has a fiery sword! When did Dreamworks gets so bad-ass?
Having finally seen the first film, I will agree it is one of Dreamworks's bests, though of course I still have my preference of Kung Fu Panda (December 23rd, 2015, please come sooner!!!) I like how it is really expanding the world after the ending of the first film, and the elements in the trailer that remind me of some things from KFP2, (as well as some things that will be in the third movie, to not give away spoilers) have me hyped. This is an adventure I am eagerly awaiting.

1: Muppets Most Wanted
Light the lights. The Muppets are back in theaters this spring. 
You might have seen this one coming, I've been a Muppet fan since childhood, and after the 2011 movie, I couldn't wait to see where they would go from there. I like how the plot is another caper, similiar to 1981's.....The Great Muppet Caper. Considering the director of the 2011 movie as while as the songwriter is returning, I'm sure this film will be everything I'm hoping it will be. At the very least, it will be a chance to see these great and hilarious cast of characters once again.

There's my list, hope you guys enjoyed it! Share your thoughts below, what are you hyped for?