Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cinematic Reel: Comic-Con Edition

Yet another Comic-Con has come and gone. The event took place this past weekend where attendees got to see plenty of new content for highly anticipated blockbusters such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice. There were many updates that are certainly open several dicussions, but which stories made Comic-Con worth attending? Was it the latest from Lucasfilms, updates from Fox's X-Men, surprises from DC or the latter? Well for this special edition of the The Cinematic Reel, I reflect on the stories that stood out to me from the 2015 Comic-Con.

"The Batman" Comfirmed! Ben Affleck to Direct/Write
Rumors of Batman getting a solo film  have circled since last year, and speculation on this project only expanded  when reports stated that Ben Affleck (who also plays Batman) would direct the film being called "The Batman". Well it seems that the rumors were true. It was confirmed last week that the actor/director would not only helm the Batman solo film but he will help write it along side famed comic writer Geoff Johns. There is no word on when this film will be released or even what the film's official title will. However we can put some things to rest as Batman will once again take center stage in the near future.

Behind the Scenes for Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Fans were no doubt in awe when Star Wars took the stage last Friday. Director JJ Abrams hit the scene to discuss the next chapter in the Star Wars Saga-Star Wars: The Force Awakens; and with him was the cast to the upcoming film. What hit the web after the presentation a was behind the scenes look to Episode VII. While there was not much to the video, it was still a intriguing in depth look at the upcoming film. This is not to say that were not any surprises from the video as Simon Pegg made an appearance; confirming that he will a role in the next Star Wars chapter. Though Lucasfilms may not have had the most highlighted story from Comic-Con, the studio still provided plenty to be excited about for  the release of The Force Awakens.

Green Lantern Corps Coming Soon!
I was hoping that we would get an update about Green Lantern and what role the character will play in the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe. During the weekend, though there was not a major update for the character, something was indeed clarified. The upcoming Green Lantern film (which is slated for 2020 release) will be entitled Green Lantern Corps. This means that rather then focusing on one Green Lantern, the film will have a team of corps members. This move was something that I speculated the studio should do as it would make for a unique film for DC Cinematic Universe; and sure enough the studio had the same idea. Hopefully this move pays off for both Green Lantern and the DC Cinematic Universe; but now for a more pressing question: which characters will make up this Green Lantern team.

DC Reveals Batman v.Superman Trailer! 
It was a given that Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice would make an appearance at Comic-Con, and it would definitely have a role to play at the panel as the film arrives in theaters next Spring. However Dawn of Justice's time in Hall H centered on one thing: a brand new trailer! This preview not only debuted at Comic-Con, but Warner Bros would release the preview online shortly after. Words cannot really describe the trailer as it is best just to watch it yourself. However, for the sake of discussion, I will say this much about the new trailer. This preview definitely clarifies some factors such as characters' directions and the movie's concept. Not only does the preview answer some questions but it delivers in it spectacle as it shows Superman, Batman and even Wonder Woman in action. Needless to say it's hard not to be excited for Dawn of Justice after watching this trailer; at least that is the case for me.

First Look at Suicide Squad; Now Online
Along with Batman and Superman, coming next year is the famed team of supervillains known as Suicide Squad. The film about the team will hit theaters next August, but that did not stop Suicide Squad from making an impact at Comic-Con. Director David Ayers and the film's cast were present during the WB panel and attendees were able to get a first look at the film. Unlike Batman v.Superman, the trailer to Suicide Squad did not appear online immediately; not officially anyways. Leaks on the trailer did emerge which led Warner Bros to officially release the Suicide Squad's preview. While there is still plenty of content yet to be revealed, the preview gives a viewers good enough look into several aspects; like the premise of the movie to even Jared Leto as The Joker. Everything about this movie comes off as dark and twisted; but truthfully I think that suits the Suicide Squad just fine.

Deadpool at Comic-Con
On Saturday Twentieth Century Fox held their panel and, to no surprise, Deadpool made an appearance at the event. The cast to the film were in attendance for Comic-Con and they discussed the film in a way that was well suited for the merc with the mouth. The first footage to the movie was shown at the panel and it certainly gained the attention of viewers everywhere. So much so that the preview was shown twice. Seeing the leak version of the trailer, the atmosphere to the preview certainly fit Deadpool, and I cannot wait to get better look at the content. While the footage did not officially hit the web afterwards, reports state that the trailer will be seen worldwide in three weeks (likely being attached to The Fantastic Four). So lets hope we will get same treat that attendees of Comic-Con received in three weeks time.

First Look at X-Men:Apocalypse
Deadpool was not the only X-Men property to attend Comic-Con as the cast and crew of X-Men: Apocalypse assembled during Fox's panel. Apocalype's time at Comic-Con was full of surprises; which included appearances from both Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) and Channing Tatum (Gambit). The panel also featured a preview for X-Men: Apocalypse; though most of it was incomplete. From what I gathered from the footage, while it may not have been grasping as X-Men: Days of Future Past's Comic-Con presentation, the next film in the X-Men franchise definitely sounds captivating. I am eager to see the content myself when the trailer officially hits the web; but for now, it is just good to know that X-Men had a good showing at the event.

Even with the absence of Marvel Studios, there was still plenty that came out of this year's Comic-Con. The other studios definitely took this opportunity to step up and give fans a reason to be excited. Hopefully the early buzz for some of these movies will pay off in the long, but for now-we will just have to be content with the information that we. I for one will take this opportunity to watch the trailers for Batman v.Superman and Suicide Squad just a  few more times.

Which story from Comic-Con stood out to you? Leave your favorite in the comment section.

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