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Something Cinematic's Top 10 Anticipated Movies of 2015

Now that 2014 is over, it is time to look ahead at the year before us. We are now days in the start of 2015; and though the movie lineup has gotten started, things are just getting started for the year of 2015. On paper, 2015 shows a lot of promise; especially when it comes to blockbuster.  The year is full of sequels, reboots and films that have been long awaited. Some movies hitting the silver screen may be disappointing; while others could be surprisingly fantastic. However, for the time being, these are the ten films that I am excited to see this coming year.

10. The Peanuts Movie
I have never considered myself a fan of the Peanuts. That is not to say that I do not know Charlie Brown and the gang, nor I have not found some entertainment within the work of Charles Schulz. Yet I have never been a die hard fan of the comic strip or other media on the Peanuts (with the exception of A Charlie Brown Christmas). That being said, I will admit that The Peanuts Movie has my attention. When the movie was announced, I was skeptical about the project. However, once I saw the first trailer,  my curiosity was peaked. If anything, I want to see this film for its animation as The Peanuts Movie looks to be blending styles such as stop motion and 3D.. While the film has revealed some content about itself, there is much unknown about The Peanuts Movie; but hopefully this animated feature will make me a fan of The Peanuts and not having me say"Good Grief". The Peanuts Movie hits theaters on November 6th

9.Jurassic World/Terminator: Genisys
I decided to give the number 9 spot to two films as I feel both share similarities in my anticipation towards them while coming from established franchises. The first film is none then Jurassic World while the other Terminator Genisys. Jurassic World looks to be taking the film series in a bigger direction with its new dinosaur and its massive park; while Terminator Genisys looks to bring something new to franchise, but also bringing elements that have made the series memorable. Both of these film have a chance to be exciting blockbusters. However, there is also a big possibly that both films will not live to their hype; which is why both these movies are ranked lower on this list. Though these two have a lot to prove this year, there is something to look forward to in both Jurassic World and Terminator GenisysJurassic World hits theaters on June 12th and Terminator Genisys arrives in theaters July 1st.

8. In The Heart of The Sea
Coming this spring is a new film from Ron Howard called In The Heart of The Sea; starring Thor himself: Chris Hemsworth. The film is based on a novel that captures events at sea which leads to the creation of the classic tale Moby Dick. From the movie's trailer, In The Heart of the Sea showed much potential. The atmosphere from the previews suggest the movie will be thrilling as it captures the dark aspects of the Moby Dick story. There seem to be a lot factors to this film that could make it a must see this spring. Hopefully, In The Heart of The Sea gives us something new from both Ron Howard as well as the story of Moby Dick. In The Heart of the Sea hits theaters on March 13th.

7. Tomorrowland
There seem to be no shortage of sci-fi films this coming year as hitting theaters this summer is Disney's Tomorrowland. Directed by Brad Bird, this sci-fi film stars the likes of George Clooney, Brit Robinson and Hugh Laurie. There is still very little on the movie's plot, and that seems to be on purpose as Disney wants to the keep that detail as quiet as possible. However, just by watching the film's teaser, Tomorrowland looks compelling. The effects alone indicate the film will be, at the very least, great to see. If any factor gives this film promise, it would be Brad Bird himself. While known for his animated features (with the exception of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protical), Bird's films have always shown a lot of heart behind them as they bring compelling elements to the world of cinema. Hopefully, Tomorrowland follows in Bird's track record of great movies. Tomorrowland hits theaters on May 22nd.

6. Ant-Man
Coming this summer from Marvel Studios is none other then Ant-Man. While the film is about Marvel's smallest hero, the movie could be one massive adventure. Then again, there is also a great to deal skepticism to go along with this film; such as how much was the film changed when Edgar Wright was replaced by Peyton Reed as the film director. However, there is still a chance that the movie could work. There may be a unique sci-fi element to the film with Ant-Man's shrinking abilities; and with the movie being a heist film, there are several factors that could work in Ant Man's favor. Ant-Man is undoubtedly another wild card for Marvel Studios, but if it is anything like their previous one,  then Ant-Man could definitely be a surprise hit this year. Ant-Man hits theaters on July 17th.

5. Inside Out
You can never go wrong with a Pixar film. We have not seen anything new from the animation studio since 2013, and their last film was the prequel Monsters University. However their next film, Inside Out, looks like it could be another hit for the studio. Going back to their roots, Inside Out takes a simple idea,in this case emotions, and turns into this spectacular world. This alone is enough for me to get excited for Inside Out. While the movie looks to play to Pixar's common trait, Inside Out could still be a breath of fresh air for moviegoers. Inside Out could be the film that gives Pixar momentum after their year hiatus.  If anything Inside Out will likely be an enjoyable movie as Pixar Studios rarely disappoints. Inside Out hits theaters on June 19th.

4. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
Last year, we saw the beginning of the end for The Hunger Games with Mockingjay Part 1. This year, the conclusion to the franchise arrives in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. There is still very little content for the film; but seeing that we are still on the start of  2015, that is not surprising. The reason why this film is so high on my list is a matter of getting things wrapped up. Following this series since 2012, it will be interesting to see how The Hunger Games comes to a close; especially for someone who has not read the books (no spoilers in comment section). Hopefully Mockingjay Part 2 will be a satisfying conclusion for the franchise as well as an exciting one. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 hits theaters on November 20th.

3. Spectre
007 is back this year. After his last adventure, Skyfall, James Bond returns in the film Spectre. With the last film being such a success, I can only have but high hopes for Spectre. However this could also be a problem. With Skyfall being as good as it was, it will be difficult for Spectre to be just as it good as the 2012 film if not better. Howeverwith nostalgic elements returning to series and Christopher Waltz playing the antagonist, there is much to be excited for in 007's next adventure. Let's just hope Spectre keeps the momentum going for the 007 Franchise. Spectre hits theaters on November 6th.

2. Avengers: Age of Ultron
If you know me then you should have seen this choice coming. The Avengers became my all time favorite superhero movie in 2012; so saying that I am excited for its sequel would be an understatement. There seems to be a lot to Avengers: Age of Ultron; such as the involvement of Hydra, new characters, how this film effects the MCU and of course Ultron himself. How all of this will play out remains to be seen, but that is one of the reasons to be excited. Marvel has done a great job at creating their shared universe, and I am sure they want Age of Ultron to be a decisive film for the studio. If anything, the next Avengers film will be exciting to say the lease.  It is hard to say that this film will top its predecessor, but hopefully Age of Ultron will be not just a worthy sequel but a blockbuster that moviegoers will not forget. Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on May 1st

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens 
Number one was harder then you think as it was between this and Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, in the end, I had to go with Stars Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. This movie has been long in the making to the point where I believed the Star Wars franchise would not press forward, but sure enough I was proven wrong in the fall of 2012. Though I was worried that J.J. Abrams and his team would be playing too close to the original trilogy, my concerned were set aside thanks to the film's first trailer. Though it did play with familiar traits to Star Wars, the preview also showed that The Force Awakens is progressing the series forward. If the film does what I am hoping it will do then we will be seeing a movie that bring something new to the Star Wars Saga while remembering its roots. All in all, December cannot come any sooner. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18th.

So there are my Top 10 Anticipated films for 2015. The year is still early so it is anyone guess how the movies of 2015 will play out. All of these films could end up being disappointing (I really hope not) or they could all be great. Plus there will likely be movies that I did not mention that will end up being great. Right now it is anyone guess; yet may happen this year, I can only hope there are movies to be excited for and if there are not: well I guess I will go to the movies anyways.

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