Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fight Choreographer discusses Batman's action for Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice.

There are many things we can expect in anticipated Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film will bring Superman (Henry Cavill) together with none other then Batman (Ben Affleck). There are many things to speculate on, but as the film's title suggest the one thing you can expect in Batman v.Superman is a fight. Somewhere in the film, the two iconic heroes will go head to head. Knowing the characters, many are probably wondering how a battle between the two would go down? Furthermore some are also wondering how can Batman possibly take on Superman?Fortunately a new story can help answer the second question.

Thanks to Batman News, fight choreographer Guillermo Grispo, who is helping with the upcoming film, lent his perspective of how Batman can take on Superman (albeit explaining it in cryptic fashion).

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