Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow Review: Engage, Entertain, Repeat

Time travel can be tricky business. Whether it deals with going 88 miles per hour in a Delorean or jumping into a blue phone booth, the concept of time travel has been a part of the entertainment world for many years. A film time traveling movie can have had a hard time (no pun intended) standing out from the rest; but every now and again there is one that breaks away from the fold. Such is case of Edge of Tomorrow.  Directed by Doug Liman, Edge of Tomorrow throws Tom Cruise in a "Groundhog Day" scenario where the day continues to repeat itself. While the concept has been done before, this sci-fi film makes the best of it by giving both an intriguing and enjoyable experience.

The story of Edge of Tomorrow takes place in the future where Earth is at war with a invading alien force. The film's protagonist, Lt. Bill Cage, is inadvertently drafted to fight in the upcoming battle. During the day of reckoning, Cage gains the power of repeating time. With the help of decorated soldier Rita Vrataski (played by Emily Blunt), Cage tries to find a way to defeat an enemy that is always two steps ahead of them.

While this concept of time travel has been used before, the idea of repeating a day did work in favor for the film. The execution of the story kept the repeat concept refreshing and added to the story's overall tension. While the idea of repeating time worked, there were moments where I felt disconcerted with how many times Cage went through the same day. The event happen so much that I felt out of place while watching this film. I realized that this might have been the idea in the story's direction, but I couldn't help but feel an air of confusion every now and again.

Edge of Tomorrow has two great performances from both Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. While I am not a fan of Cruise's work in action films, I was thoroughly impressed with his performances as Bill Cage. He starts off as your standard Cruise character, but as the film goes on, we get to see Cruise bring a lot of energy to this action protagonist. Emily Blunt, on the other hand, is just as good as Cruise if not better. The role of Vrataski was quite different from Blunt's normal character type. Not only did Blunt put a lot into this character, but her performance also showed potential in seeing this actress in another role like this tough as nails soldier. While the film has two great leads, Edge of Tomorrow's supporting cast felt a little lacking. True we get to see solid performances from Brendan Gleeson and  Bill Paxton, the remaining supporting character were underwhelming. If there was less emphasis on some of these characters, I would have been fine with them. However, the cast's presence could get annoying at times and I was not sure what to feel about their importance. Still the movie more then makes up that point with its two leads.

The futuristic world of Edge of Tomorrow was quite believable. While this is not the first we have seen theEdge of Tomorrow was great. I can't say there moments that were jaw-dropping, but the actions scenes had plenty of intensity to peak my interest. likes of exosuits, the movie utilizes these devices to the best of their abilities. The likes of the exosuits lead to some exciting moments in this sci-fi film. In fact, all the action of

While it uses traits seen in other movies, Edge of Tomorrow is still an engaging film on time travel. The movie grips with its ideas and concept, and it had two great leads that kept me invested. Not only was this movie innovative in its use of time travel, but it was also an enjoyable blockbuster. There are plenty of action packed moments that can keep any moviegoer interested. So Edge of Tomorrow is a film that makes you think while being an entertaining ride; and that's always a good combination in my book.

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