Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Who To Cast: Doctor Doom

Welcome to another addition of Who To Cast.  For newcomers to this series, this where we moviegoers come together and our picks for characters aiming to be cast. Weeks ago, The Fantastic Four were cast for the upcoming 2015 reboot. While the casting choice has been controversial, many will have to accept that these four stars are the new Fantastic Four. Yet there seems to be someone missing. Who could it be? Oh yes, the real star to the film: Doctor Doom.

After being horrifically scarred in a science experiment, Victor Von Doom created a armor to conceal his wounds. Through his use of science and mysticism, Doctor Doom has been nothing but a threat to the Fantastic Four, as well as the rest of the Marvel Universe. You can't have a reboot without the arch-nemesis to Marvel's First Family. So with this new Fantastic Four, who should dawn the metal mask in this upcoming reboot. Here are the top choices on who the SC Community thinks should Doctor Doom.

James' Pick: Christopher Eccelston
Doctor Doom should have an over the top, Shakespearean style noble bearing. For this you need a Shakespearean actor. My vote for the perfect Doctor Doom is Chritopher Eccleston. Sure he was bland as dish water in Thor: The Dark World and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, but the man CAN act. He just needs the write script and director. Granted, I have no faith in this new Fantastic 4 production, but Eccleston would at least garner some interest from me.

Klancy's Pick: Karl Urban
I could go on my usually thing of saying what makes a character like Doctor Doom, who is a master of both science and magic in addition to being one of the world’s smartest man and most ruthless leader, so great, but what it would take so long to properly convey, but it’s easier to point to Julian McMahon portrayal of the character and say “we needed pretty much the opposite of that”. So who would I cast?  Karl Urban. He has shown us in films like Dredd that he is more than capable of giving a commanding performance that demands authority. He may be older than the rest of the cast, but I think this could work in the film’s favor. The age gap gives him the time needed to have gained the powers to take on our four heroes, plus this way he can already be the leader of Latveria, which would help distance this film from Fox’s last flop. So for that reason Urban is my pick.

Kyle's Pick: Benedict Cumberbatch
Easy choice for Dr Doom...Benedict Cumberbatch. In addition to having a knack for playing good looking, arrogant, and extremely intelligent characters (Doom meeting those three qualities...well maybe not the good looking part considering the whole being horribly scarred that he needs to wear an iron mask) has played quite a few characters who'd fit the profile of being an ubermencsh or nietzschean superman such as Kahn in Star Trek: Into Darkness and Sherlock Holmes, and Doom very much fits the profile of an Ubermensch, being super humanly good at everything and absolutely enamored with his own superiority. 

Tim's Pick: Richard Madden
Clearly a different choice for Doom, but we are dealing with a different situation. While all the picks above mine are great choices, the fact remains that Doom needs to be the same age as the Fantastic Four. More specifically, Doom has be around the same as Mr.Fantastic. By having Doom older, it takes too much away from that character and his rivalry with Reed Richards. So with that mind, my choice is Richard Madden. True that Richard has never played a villain like Doom before.  However, given his role as Rob Stark in Game of Thrones and his voice performance as Alucard in Castlevaina: Lords of Shadows, I think Richard Madden could indeed pull off a young and ambitious Doctor Doom. 

What do you think? Who do you think should play the good doctor? Feel free to comment. 

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