Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rumor Roundup: A Vision for Marvel. Star Wars Update.

Hello moviegoers! Sorry for the small hiatus, but I want to let you know that Something Cinematic should be on a full schedule by next week! While blogs this week may be scarce, you can count on Klancy for providing another addition to Rumor Roundup. Enjoy:

New Details on Star Wars Episode VII!

Thanks to a leak document, we finally know when Star Wars 7 is going to start filming. According to the document, Star Wars is now set to begin filming in May of this year. Why does this matter? Well, it means we are finally close to knowing who is and isn't in the movie. Think about it, despite all the hype and attention given to this movie, so far we have not had a single official casting announcement since Disney bought the rights. Sure, it is heavily rumored that the trio from the original movie are going to come back, but I wouldn't be counting on it until it is confirmed. So expect some official casting news from Disney in the next couple weeks.

Paul Battany is Vision in Age of Ultron!

And speaking of films that are starting shooting, today marks the first day of shooting for the Avengers 2. Of courses, that isn't the story you want to hear about now is it. No you want to hear about the one final bit of major casting news that was released for the movie. It seems that Paul Bettany has been casted in a second role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as he will now also be playing Vision. Who is that you said, will the Vision is an android original created by Ultron, the big bad of the movie, to help him destroy the Avengers. The character has since become a staple of the team’s line up and eventually the husband to the Scarlet Witch, who is also set to appear in the movie. What his role going to be in the movie is anyone’s guess, but I would assume it’s going follow a similar path to the comics and he’s character will be an upgraded version of JARVIS, which Bettany is already playing. Though I will say I am starting to become concerned by the number of characters we know about for the movie, as it’s starting to get crowded. But I have faith in Marvel to pull it off, and can’t wait to see the designs for the character they come up with.