Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Who to Cast: Doctor Strange

Welcome to another edition of Who To Cast. In this blog series, we at Something Cinematic look at a character to either an upcoming film or just for an idea, and pick our top choice for who we think should play that character. Today we head to the world of Marvel. With the various characters from the Marvel Universe, the possibilities of casting are infinite. However, a name that keeps popping up for a movie is Marvel's own master of the mystic arts: Doctor Strange. While a movie is not yet been confirmed, many speculate that a Doctor Strange film is all but inevitable. So if there is a Doctor Strange film on the way, who should play the Sorcerer Supreme?  Let jump into it and find out:

Klancy's Pick: Aidan Gillen

Doctor Strange is a hard character to cast. Not only because he is someone who deals with magic in the so far mostly science based Marvel Universe, but also because of the journey the character must go through. Similar to Tony Stark, Strange is a character we see go from being a selfish individual to the protector of mankind. Furthermore Strange starts out Neurosurgeon before becoming the world’s most powerful magician. So you need an actor who is able to handle both of these very different aspects of the character all while making transition feel natural. If it were up to me, I would cast Aidan Gillen in the role. Best known for his role as Petyr Baelish on Game of Thrones, I think Gillen has much more to offer as an actor than a lot of people are currently aware of, and the character of Doctor Strange is the perfect role for him to show off just what he can do.

James' Pick:  Adrian Brody

Keep Johnny Depp away from this movie!!

Look, I like Johnny Depp, and I don't think that Lone Ranger alone should condemn the man considering the classic movies he's done in the past. However...Depp needs to get away from this "look how weird" schtick he's got going for him right now before I'd want him hamming it up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

You want someone odd to play Dr. Strange, I say Adrian Brody. Academy Award winner, great actor who could use a break (what was the last good movie he was in?), and he'd be a good fit with guys like Downey and Paul Rudd. 

Tim's Pick: Benedict Cumberbatch

I know, this seems like a bold choice; but ever since I heard the idea, I think Benedict Cumberbatch could make a great Doctor Strange. Cumberbatch has shown that he can play a character like Sherlock Holmes as easily as he can play a villain. I think Cumberbatch has the perfect range to play someone like Doctor Strange. He can express a character who seeks answer while being charismatic and engaging. These are the qualities that I think would favor a movie version of Stephen Strange. It is a long shot to see Cumberbatch play the Sorcerer Supreme, but you never know.

Can any of these men play Doctor Strange; or better yet, do you have a better choice? Feel free to take this time an express your pick for Doctor Strange. 

That will do it for this edition of Who To Cast.