Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 changes course for 2016. Why this move isn't as bad as you think

It seems that Disney had more changes when it came to their 2015 releases. Not only has Ant-Man moved up to Summer 2015, but the next installment to Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates of the Caribbean  Dead Men Tell No Tales, has also changed dates. Though there is no official release date, it seems the Pirates 5 will be setting course for 2016.  The reason behind the move might be that Disney has lost faith Jerry Bruckheimer. After The Lone Ranger failed at the box office this past summer, Disney was no doubt hesitant about the next film from Bruckheimer Films. However, perhaps this decision is a blessing in disguise.

It is possible that Dead Men Tell No Tales might benefit from this move. Why? Well for starter, this move could give the studio and the filmmakers more time to prepare.  The production company should take this opportunity to learn from the mistakes of The Lone Ranger and how to make their next blockbuster better. The other factor to consider are the other films that are coming out in 2015. Aside from Ant-Man, the summer of 2015 features The Avengers, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Terminator, Superman/Batman, and other blockbuster. With so many huge films, maybe Pirates should hold back so that the film can have time to shine in movie theaters.

Was the reason for Pirates of the Caribbean 5's delay because of what happen this summer? Most likely. However, is this a bad thing? No. This is in fact a good decision from Walt Disney Pictures. Sure, it gives them one less film for 2015; but with number of movies associated with the studio, they change POTC 5 without hesitation.  So though pirate fans might be upset, keep in mind that this push back will make Dead Men Tell No Tales worth the wait.