Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ant-Man heads to Summer 2015: What does this mean for the Tiniest Avenger?

In a shocking turn of events the first film for Marvel's Phase 3, Ant-Man, has moved up its release date. Apparently, Walt Disney plans for the film to open in theaters on July 30, 2015. Now whatever Disney's intentions were in making this decision was beyond me; but on a business standpoint, I might be able to understand . 

Disney knows how popular Marvel Studios is at the moment. The sooner Disney/Marvel can get the movies out, the better; especially if they can get the film out for the summer. In the case of Ant-Man,  Disney might be thinking that the film has a better chance to make money in the summer then it does in the fall  I could understand that reasoning; however, this move might blow up in the studio's face.

Ant-Man comes out at the end of July. Fortunately there is not much competition for the movie. However, that doesn't mean the Edgar Wright film will be walking away with a win. Coming out in two week prior to Ant-Man  is the untitled Superman/Batman film. Sure it will have been out for two weeks and everyone and their grandmother will have seen it; but there is no denying that the film will be going strong in a two week time period. Look at The Dark Knight for example. The sequel was dominating the box office scene weeks after it hit theaters. I'm almost certain Superman/Batman will do the same. So while it may not look like it on paper, Ant-Man has to go up against two of comic's biggest superheroes; and that could be a problem for the Marvel film.

Ant-Man will definitely gain a summer crowd, for various reasons. However, Marvel Studios cannot tread lightly with this move. There are major blockbuster for Ant-Man to go up against; and that could prove to be a make or break result for the Minute Avenger. Plus, there is still the matter of production; which will have to be move up because of this. So while it is a smart business decision for Disney, it is one that they cannot take lightly. 

Ant-Man hits theaters July 30,2015