Friday, September 13, 2013

A Seasoned Batman will work for Superman/Batman

So we know that Batman will be featured in the Man of Steel sequel; or better known as Superman/Batman. We know that Ben Affleck will be playing the Dark Knight. We know all of these things about Batman's latest film appearance, but perhaps the most crucial point to mention would be that while Superman is getting his start in Metropolis, Batman will have been fighting crime for sometime.

The filmmakers behind this upcoming blockbuster have mentioned that Batman will be a seasoned hero oppose to be a young cape crusader. This detail has thrown fans off as many were expecting Batman to be getting his start in Gotham just like Superman is in Metropolis. This would have put the two heroes on the same playing field and give them a chance to evolve together; but that is not the case. So because we have a seasoned Batman, does that mean this film will not work? Not Necessarily.

First off, having an experience Batman will make it easier to comprehend the character. Fans of comic and the movies of Batman have seen the character's origins on several occasions. It shouldn't be hard for audience to understand Batman's character given that the Dark Knight is in a different. Plus, being in a different scenario will be refreshing for Batman. So with this tired and weary Batman comes a new place for the character; and I think that is for the best. It will be refreshing for the character; and  I think it will be easy for audiences to get reintroduce to Batman.

Despite that Batman's character might be refreshing, the difference in experience between Batman and Superman could be a problem; but what if I told you that this has happen before.  Lets turn the clocks back all the way to the airing of  Superman: The Animated Series. When the Man of Steel hit the small screen in the 90's, there was a time where he was joined by the Cape Crusader, who was a getting a new season to Batman:The Animated Series. Eventually the two would come together in the three part episode called World's Finest. Now here's the thing, Batman:The Animated Series was around long before Superman: The Animated Series; and World's Finest was cannon to both shows That means that the Batman in those episodes was a seasoned Dark Knight; while Superman was still getting his start. So as you can see, a seasoned Batman worked for animated pairing between the two icons, and it will work again for this upcoming film.

So if you were worried that the experience difference will be a problem for Superman/Batman, don't. It has been done before and it worked. Besides, having a seasonal Batman will only make the connection between the two character stronger. It will give the Superman and Batman a proper contrast as well as giving them the right drama.  So having an older Batman is the least of our problems.