Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Serious Tone, Action And An Armors For The Iron Avenger. Trailer Analysis of Iron Man 3

Much to my surprise, a new trailer has arrived for Iron Man 3.  The new trailer hit the web today on exclusively on Yahoo and it did not take long for the news to spread like wildfire. So what can be seen in this new trailer take a look. 

Now I have been excited for this film, but after seeing this trailer, I am practically giddy like school boy.  The trailer shows us a great deal of things, some things that viewers have been able to interpret; and others things that you might have missed. Whatever caught on the trailer, these were particular points that stood out to me.

Troubled Tony
The one thing that is definitely established is that something is bothering Tony. Several interviews with the filmmakers indicate that Tony has not recovered from the events of The Avengers. It has been established that Tony is not sleeping and is very secluded. I guess what the trailers have been trying to establish is that Tony is not the billionaire that he once was. He seems to be going through that strange phenomenon we call character development. There is no doubt in my mind that the charm of Tony Stark will still be there, but the fact that there is a significant purpose is all the more reason why Iron Man 3 will be worth it.

The Terrorist Known As The Mandarin
If you are familiar with Iron Man, then you are probably excited to see his arch nemesis finally hitting the silver screen. In the new trailer, we see more of Ben Kinglsey as The Mandarin doing evil things such as putting his hands together and sitting in a dark room and even, dare I say, having more voice-over  Ok, maybe it does not sound as glamorous you might think, but still, it is good to see this out of the villain. The trailer continue to show case that The Mandarin is a terrorist, and what's great about this character feature is the that it brings moviegoers back to first one with The Ten Rings. Aside from Mandarin's fashionable rings, there is no establish between this villain and the other terrorist group, but I would not be surprise if it brought up in the film.  You may not anything extraordinary out of the Mandarin, but I think the trailer succeed at showing that he is legitimate threat.

S**t has hit the fan
Now this was something that you can see in the first trailer. You can definitely tell that things are getting serious for Iron Man. Aside from Tony's character, the massive impact that may have fans on the edge of their seats is the complete destruction of Iron Man. The trailer show the destruction of Tony's penthouse, which will no doubt play a major sequence in the film.  The other point that establishes this factor is the length that Tony is going to go to try and stop the Mandarin. We see that this conflict will cost not only his home, but his suit as well. Iron Man has had its serious moments, but for the most part, there was always this very entertaining atmosphere to the previous two films. There still might something like this in Iron Man 3, but the way thing are looking: the direction is a showing a serious tone. This is something that may work or it might not. It is great to see that Iron Man can have a serious tone, but you don't want to take to much away from the concept itself.

New Armor Assembled
In every film (The Avengers included), Tony Stark has had a different armor assembly. The trailer shows us that Iron Man 3 is no different. Only this time, the armor is forming itself onto Tony as if he was a magnet. Now the sequence is not shown completely in the trailer (and for good reason). The armor assembly will be one the must see moments in the film, so there is no point is spoiling it. But still, it is good to know that it is there.

Iron Man in Action
Now a man robotic suit simply scream action, but the past two films  never felt like the action was front and center.  This time around though, the action seems to be a much bigger factor. You got plains blowing up, homes exploding, War Machine breaking down doors, even hand to hand combat. Unless I am mistaken, even Gweneth Paltrow might be getting into the action. If Iron Man 3 is indeed action oriented, then that could lead to problems. One of the best qualities of the Iron Man films was the fact that thee movies have always held the story in such high regard .To have too much action may lead to problems. Then again, I am only judging this from the trailer. It is possible that they have balanced out the action and the story. So there maybe nothing to worry about.

The Army of Armors
This is one thing that people are going to take away from this trailer.  After all of Tony's drama and the Mandarin's scheming, this is the one moment that is definitely going have people running to the theater.  At the end of the trailer we see two armor flying in to save the day, followed by another, and another until there are a good twenty  flying in.  I am not sure what it means, all I can say is: if that is not awesome, I don't know what is. There are still quite a few question to be ask, like where did all the armors come from or are they even with Tony? Well whatever the reason, the barrage armors is a good enough reason to be excited for Iron Man 3 and and great excuse to watch this trailer again and again.

There is a lot to see in this trailer: from the serious tone to the high stake action. There are even things I did  not even address such as Guy Pearce's character (who is still circled in mystery). This just goes to show that this is a well put together trailer, because even though it showcases a lot of things, there is still much that is not shown. Nevertheless, I feel  that I will be seeing this trailer quite often; but fortunately I don't think I will bored with it anytime soon.

Iron Man 3 suits up for theaters May 3rd.