Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Re-Releases: Good or Bad for Business?

Last week, Indiana Jones became the latest major film series to return to the big screen as “Raiders of the Lost Ark” was featured in IMAX theaters across the countries. Today, “Finding Nemo” will return to theaters in Disney 3D, and following that Is “Monster Inc.” , which returns to theaters this December, also in the 3D. Throughout this year, we have seen a trend steadily growing in the movie world as major hits are making their way back to theaters, either coming in a new format or just returning to theaters. There are several reasons why studios are bringing back popular films, but that might be a debate for another time.  The question is whether or not bringing back movie to the silver screen is relevant to the eyes of moviegoers.
Re-Releases are not in fact a bad thing, especially if you are an eager moviegoer. Take “Raiders of the Lost Ark” for example.  The film was released in 1981, so people like myself were not around to see Indiana Jones’ first adventure.  The return of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” presents a unique opportunity for moviegoers to get a chance to see what Indiana Jones is like on the big screen.  An edge of re-releases is the thought of seeing these films the movie theater environment. By seeing these films on the big screen, moviegoers of this age may understand why some of these films became so popular by seeing it in the place that each film famous.
On a financial standpoint, the idea to bring movies back could be actually good for business when it comes to the movie theaters. Say franchises like Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings were to return to theaters. If either series were to make it back to theaters, odds are that these films would gather a crowd at the movies; and in hindsight, movies theaters will prosper from having re-releases as much as they would find success with new releases. It just depends what is being released.
With the concept of the re-releases continuing to expand across the theaters throughout the country, there is no doubt some positives that will come out of this trend. However, there are some of negatives with having re-releases in theaters as well. When this concept came up in a conversation, a friend told me this: “why would I pay to see something that I j could ust see at home?”  I could understand the point he was trying to make, sometimes it would just be easier to watch a movie at home oppose to going all the way to the theater. I know I said that there is an experience factor, but if the movie is good enough, the experience should be there no matter what kind of screen you are watching the movie from.
As much as a benefit re-releases  would be for movie theaters , it could in fact be issue for audience members as going to a returning movie could just be a hinder to someone’s wallet. In today’s economy,  going to the movies is not as easy  as it once was since prices have increased. Those who enjoy going to an evening show have to pay at least nine dollars to see a movie, and not to mention the extra two dollars if someone is going to see a 3D movie.  So why would someone want to pay up to nine dollars just to see a movie that could be seen at home for free.  Then there is the issue of converting an old movie to the 3D format. Despite what some may think,  the fact is that most of these big time movies were never meant to be in 3D. So  you would be paying over eleven dollars to see a movie in an concept that it was never intended to be converted into;  so I cannot see how changing a classic movie into 3D is really going to get someone’s attention. As much as re-releases could do wonders for the movie business, there is always possibility that it might backfire.
 Re-releases are not appearing to be going anywhere at the moment, but as it stands, it seems that this trend is a double edge sword.  On one hand you could capture the experience of seeing these films in a big time movie environment, but on the other hand you will be paying up nine to eleven dollars just go see the movie and may not even be worth it, especially if it is in 3D.  When it comes down to, seeing a movie return to the big screen, it all depends on what movie it is and the format it being presented in. If it is worth it, then I would I say give it a chance; if not, then you can enjoy it at home.