Saturday, June 16, 2018

Incredibles 2 Review: Pixar's Super Family Returns in Style

Superheroes: a theme that is all too familiar in this day and age. The idea of heroes saving the day has been a concept that has been told time and again on the silver screen and continues to be depicted as the superhero genre expands. However before the Avengers assembled, before the Justice League united, another team defined the meaning of being super. In 2004 the movie world was introduced to the Parrs in the hit film from Pixar Studios, The Incredibles, which told the story of a superhero family trying to adjust to a normal life. To this day The Incredibles is among my favorite Pixar films, as well as one of my favorite animated movies, as its sense of style and charm made it into an instant classic. For a long time now the idea of an Incredibles sequel had been talked about, but nothing really came from it. That was until 2014 when Disney made it official and after fourteen long years Incredibles 2 made its way to the big screen. Once again directed by Brad Bird Incredibles 2 picks up where the first film left and feature the Parr family in another superpowered adventure. Despite the action, the humor and more Jack-Jack my enthusiasm for this sequel was minimal as I found the content in the trailers to be questionable. However after watching the movie my skepticism was put to rest as Incredibles 2 ended being a sequel worth the wait...well for the most part anyways.

The story of Incredibles 2 centers on the Parr family dealing with another conflict as Helen/Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) is selected to bring Supers back from retirement while Bob/Mr.Incredible (Craig T.Nelson) has to stay home and watch the kids. While I was hesitant at first, the story of Incredibles 2 ended up being better than expected. The plot handled its concepts well as both Helen’s case and the family being stuck at home were executed decently, and both sides of the story meshed well with the movie’s overall tone. Yet this super tale was not without its weaknesses as the story had a tendency to drag on and certain plot points were too predictable for my taste. However things still worked out for the story as its stylish delivery made the plot one that was both entertaining and fitting for the Pixar series.

The cast of The Incredibles was a major factor to the film's success as it was empowered with memorable characters. So it would be difficult for the sequel's cast to live up to its predecessor, but sure enough the cast found a way to shine. The Parr family was at it again as the family of Supers were as enjoyable as they were in 2004 film. Each Parr received relevant development particularly Mr.Incredible as his was surprisingly well done. Elastigirl’s development was good, but I felt she needed a personal conflict to deal with in order for her to progress. The film featured a solid supporting cast from returning characters such as Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) and Edna (Brad Bird) to new characters like Void (Sophia Bush)-though the new additions could have left a bigger impression. The evil Screenslaver, though lacking the impact of Syndrome, was an effective villain as the antagonist had a captivating agenda. When it came to performances each actor was fairly solid, though it seemed to take the cast time to get back into things, as they had fluent chemistry with each other-especially when it came to Parr family.

Given Pixar’s track record it was not surprising to see stunning animation out of Incredibles 2.  This time around the animation was definitive and more refurbish then that of the first film; then again 14 years of upgrades will do that to any series. In any case the long wait definitely benefited The Incredibles as the new movie was vibrant in its animation as it used various styles to stand out. Another factor made better from the animation was the movie’s action. From the opening sequence to Jack-Jack’s mighty battle with the Raccoon, the action was exciting and fitting of any superhero movie. Another highlight for this sequel was the score by returning composer: Michael Giacchino. Giacchino’s work on the first film’s soundtrack was impressive with its mix of styles and the score to Incredibles 2 was no different as it was thrilling, charming and everything that made up the world of the The Incredibles.

In many ways Incredibles 2 is among the more solid sequels from Pixar. The film does leave much to be desired, particularly in its story and to a lesser extent its characters, but remained true to its predecessor thanks to engaging storytelling, solid cast and stylish presentation. In its own way Incredibles 2 lived up to its name and showed that even after 14 years the concept of a super powered family is as relevant as it was in 2004.

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