Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Cinematic Reel: Lucasfilms Announcement and Directors for Marvel's Spider-Man

Hello fellow moviegoers and members of the MP Community. For years I have been accustomed to writing articles dealing with news in the movie world. Yet recently I have had an issue keeping up with writing about the news; not to mention trying to find a creative way to express the latest in the movie world. This leads to my new  article series known as The Cinematic Reel. For the time being, I will post an article about various stories on film and give my two cents on each story. Hopefully I can maintain this article series as both a means of creativity and releasing the news about film. So for now, enjoy this first edition of the Cinematic Reel.

Indiana Jones 5 Confirmed!
With so many moviegoers looking at the next installment in the Star Wars Saga, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we may forget that Lucasfilms has other movies in the works; particularly movies dealing with everyone's favorite adventurer: Indiana Jones. We have not seen Dr.Jones since the 2008 film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Since then, there have been rumors that the next Indiana Jones movie would be a reboot (so to speak) of the series and some have suggested that Guardians of the Galaxy's Chris Pratt would take up the role of the iconic character. Though any involvement from Pratt is up in the air, it seems that a new Indiana Jones film is all but confirmed.

In an interview with Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, she states that while nothing is set, the studio is working on a new Indiana Jones film."

"Kennedy confirmed rumors that another Indy movie ‘will one day be made inside this company. When it will happen, I’m not quite sure. We haven’t started working on a script yet, but we are talking about it."

It is a great to hear that a new Indiana Jones is on the way, but the question what will they do with this new film? Could this movie be a new chapter in the story of Indiana Jones, or will Lucasfilm takes this opportunity to reboot the franchise? Rebooting the series could certainly help Indiana Jones to be refreshing again. Only time will tell what Lucasfilms has in store for Indiana Jones, but hopefully whatever they have planned for the character, it turns out being worth it.

Star Wars Anthology: Boba Fett?!

While Star Wars fans are eager to see what happens in The Force Awakens, Lucasfilms looks ahead as they are developing spin-off movies for their iconic franchise. The first film entitled Rogue One is set to hit theaters on December 2016 with Gareth Edwards in the director's chair. However the latest does not pertain to the first Anthology film but the one that comes after it. The film was originally going to be directed by Josh Trank, but recently the Chronicle director had to drop from the project. Be that as it may the movie is still scheduled to be released, and recent reports suggest that the film will deal with a particular bounty hunter.

Rumors are suggesting that the next Star Wars Anthology will be about Boba Fett. Boba Fett is among  Star Wars' most cherished characters as he as appeared several outlets for the franchise. While details on this movie are still scarce and Lucas has not confirmed anything, it has been notified that this spin-off will deal with the world of Bounty Hunters.

A movie about Boba Fett is by no means a shocking revelation; In fact the character has been rumored to receive a film since the spin-off concept was announced. The question I'm wondering is if the movie does deal with Boba Fett, what will it be about? The report suggests that the film will dwell more into the Bounty Hunter's origins, but I'm hoping the movie takes place after Return of the Jedi and reveals that Boba did in fact survive his encounter with the Sarlacc. In any case it would not be shocking to see one of these Star Wars Anthology Films to deal with Boba Fett. If it is not the second spin-off, then Boba's appearance will certainly take place in a future film.

X-Men Days of Future Past Release Date
It may have been a year since its release of X-Men: Days of Future Past , but the movie remains fresh in my mind. The latest installment in the X-Men franchise definitely changed the game by creating a new continuity for the series. However the film that was featured in theaters was not the original concept to the movie. Originally everyone's favorite Southern Bell Rogue was suppose to be in the blockbuster, but she was removed from the theatrical cut due to various reasons. However director Bryan Singer has stated that a version of the film would be released and it would feature the scenes with Anna Paquin as Rogue.

It seems like forever since that this version was reported on, but the new rendition to Days of Future Past is indeed coming. It has been confirmed X-Men Days of the Future Past Rogue Cut will be released on July 17th. The movie will featured 17 additional minutes, and it seems that this version was indeed different from the theatrical version. Bryan Singer revealed an image of Rogue using Shadowcat's phasing ability to help Logan keep his consciousness in the past. It has been established that this version will features a whole subplot dealing with Rogue. Needless to say it certainly brings a new light to this scene; as well as the whole movie.

I can only wonder how this version will affect Days of Future Past. Maybe it will be like the extended version of The Wolverine and benefit the overall film; or maybe the additional scenes will come off as unnecessary Then again maybe (just maybe) this Blu-Ray will feature exclusive footage to either X-Men Apocalypse or Deadpool. While that may not be important to the quality of Days of Future Past, I cannot help but wonder. Whatever may happen I'm excited to see what this version of Days of Future Past has to offer; and I hope to see this new version when it hits shelves this summer.

Directors for Marvel Spider-Man Narrowed

While moviegoers are still talking about Avengers: Age of Ultron, no doubt many are wondering what will become of the wall crawler Spider-Man. Spider-Man has officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the hero will be making an appearance in Captain America: Civil War; which will then be followed by a new Spider-Man film set to hit theaters on July 2017. Right now everyone is wondering who will be taking up the role of Spider-Man; and while that question is still a mystery, moviegoers can now ponder another question: who will be directing the film?

It seems that Marvel and Sony have narrowed down their search for a director. As of right now, Marvel is looking at five directors. First there is Jonathan Levine,  who is known for directing films such as 50/50 and Warm Bodies. Then there is Ted Melfi who is known for directing St.Vincent. The third director is Pitch Perfect's Jason Moore, while the fourth is the man behind Napoleon Dynamite: Jared Hess. Rounding the selection of directors is the team of John Francis Daley and Johnathan Goldstein; who will be the directing the new installment of National Lampoon's Vacation. The director for Marvel's Spider-Man will likely be chosen next week.

Personally I was hoping that the rumor of Drew Goddard directing this film was true. Be that as it may, I am not sure how I feel about any of these choices. None of them seem suitable to directing this Spider-Man reboot. However just because a director does not fit on paper does not mean he/she cannot direct a great movie. People likely questioned the Russo Brothers directing Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and that seemed to work out for everyone. So it is quite possible that any of these directors could be the right person for the job; but who will be taking the director's chair may not be revealed until next week.

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