Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Spider-Man Joins Marvel Studios- Breaking Down the Web Slinger's Future

By now, everyone knows the big news. Marvel and Sony have made it official and Spider-Man will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The reports last night (February 9,2015) stated that Spider-Man would be joining Marvel Studios and he would be appear in one of Marvel's Phase 3 films. This appearance would be followed by a Spider-Man standalone film, which is set to hit theaters on July 28, 2017. Since the announcement, much news has come to light such as Spider-Man debuting in Captain America: Civil War. Needless to say the world is buzzing about this announcement, with most celebrating this move from Marvel Studios. Yet what can really be taken away from this major announcement? There is still much we do not know about Spider-Man's future, but given these details, here are some things we can expect and perhaps hope to see in the Wall Crawler's future.

Spider-Man's Appearance in Captain America: Civil War
In the statement from Marvel Studios, it was reported that Spider-Man would appear in an unspecified Marvel film before having his own solo film in 2017. Since that report, it has been revealed that the film Spider-Man will appear in none other than Captain America: Civil War. Following Age of Ultron, Civil War will hit theaters in the summer of 2016. The film is already looking to be a massive blockbuster with the likes of Iron Man appearing the film as well as Civil War being an introduction to Black Panther. Now Spider-Man is joining the movie, which definitely adds another factor in the summer flick. It does makes sense for Spider-Man to appear in Civil War as the character played a vital role in the story that the movie is based off of. However, how major of a role Spider-Man will have in Captain America: Civil War remains to be seen. With movie already featuring so many characters and being the continuation of The Winter Soldier, there does not seem to be much room for the Wall Crawler. The film will likely be just an introduction for the character; which could mean that Spider-Man just appears in a post credit scene. For the time being, it is anyone's guess. However, with Civil War hitting theaters next year, we can be sure that we will know Spider-Man's role in the next Captain America film sooner rather then later.

Spider-Man's Role in the MCU
With the Web Slinger's next film hitting theaters in a little over 2 years, and the character appearing in Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man's role in Marvel Studios definitely needs to be clarified. While it would be great to see Spider-Man along side the likes of Captain America and Iron Man, the fact is that the Wall Crawlers does not need to be a part of Marvel Studios just for the sake of The Avengers movies. This character has had a wide array of stories for over 50 years, and even though Spider-Man has teamed up with several characters, he usually stands out with his own adventures. So if there is any character that would be content with standalone films, it would be Spider-Man. Yet, needless to say, Spider-Man's purpose in the MCU could prove to be beneficial for both Marvel and Sony.

If released in the right way, Spider-Man could have his own adventures without effecting the other Marvel films. If possible, Marvel could release their planned Phase 3 films; while Sony deals with anything pertaining to Spider-Man and have those films be released in their own time. All in all, it would be a major win for the Superhero genre. Aside from a business standpoint, Spider-Man would indeed represent the street heroes for Marvel on the silver screen; which only gives another environment for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to establish. Whether you look at it from a business standpoint or one pertaining to the overall franchise, I think it can be safely said that Spider-Man has a big role to play in the MCU.

Team Up Opportunities
While Spidey can have an array of films to his name, seeing the character team up with other heroes would be great to see. This is not to say that Spider-Man should just join up with the Avengers; but rather have movies where he teams up with individual character. Like Captain America, Spider-Man could join forces with other characters in his own films oppose to being apart of another set of movies. For example: let us say that Spider-Man teams up with Daredevil in an upcoming Spider-Man film. While Daredevil will have his own series on Netflix, perhaps the character will eventually appear on the big screen; but without Daredevil having his own film series. So if Daredevil were to appear in another hero's movies, what better way to integrate the Man Without Fear on the big screen then being in a Spider-Man film? With both characters sharing The Kingpin as a major antagonist, maybe this could lead to a Spider-Man film featuring the two heroes as they team up to fight the underworld of New York City. This is merely a suggestion, but the point is that there are boundless possibilities for Spider-Man teaming up with other heroes now that he is a part of the MCU.

No More Amazing Spider-Man
It is now time to address the elephant in the room. During the announcement, it was made clear to everyone that Spider-Man would be rebooted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because of this, The Amazing Spider-Man series will not be continuing; which means seeing Marc Webb return as the director or Andrew Garfield reprise his role as Peter Parker will not be happening. This move is was not shocking as, with any reboot, things from the original do not return. Before going any further, there is something I would like to address. I realize that movies are subjective and everyone is entitled to their opinion. That being said, I have made it clear on more then one occasion that I really liked The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I thought Marc Webb and everyone a part of those films put together movies that did the character justice. However, my opinion on those films are my own and many do not share the same feelings about them. The Amazing Spider-Man was not welcomed with the best reception from either fans or critics. Now the reason for this varies; like the movie rehashing Spider-Man's origins, Peter Parker being a jerk, the story was to busy setting things up, the costume was terrible, the music was bad, ect. The reasons go on and on. However, if I could be frank, I think there was a reason greater then anything else why people looked at these films so harshly.

In my opinion, the reason why people hated The Amazing Series was because it was not a part of Marvel Studios. People wanted Spider-Man to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so badly, that many were willing to shrug these movies off until they got what they wanted. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I feel that many (be it journalist, critics or moviegoers) tarnished these films not because of their quality, but because it was not the film(s) that they wanted to see. If this is true, then I believe that this mentality is down right disgusting and it just shows how immature the majority can be some times. Now  it seems that the only people who lost in this change were the filmmakers and everyone apart of The Amazing Spider-Man films.

That being said, I do want to say that I have no problem with Spider-Man being a part of Marvel Studios. While I would have liked The Amazing Spider-Man to transition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I understand the studio's reasoning to start fresh with the character. So in this case, I have decided to look as the Amazing Series as its own thing. Much like Burton's Batman, I feel that I can look back The Amazing Spider-Man as two movies that stand on their own (despite that The Amazing story was not finished). Nevertheless if the new Spider-Man film turns out to be a great, then you will hear no complaints from me as I will gladly put it among the other fantastic movies in this superhero series.

The New Spider-Man
Now that the iconic hero is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, moviegoers will be sure to see a new Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man on the silver screen. This change will also include a new interpretation of Peter Parker. So far, no actor has been cast to play the character. However, in recent reports, it is being suggested that the actor playing the Webhead will be a younger Spider-Man. How much younger remains to be seen, but it has been stated that he will be younger then the previous actors to play the character. Having a younger actor play Spider-Man does make sense; especially if Marvel plans to have the character for many movies. However, for sake of doing something new, I would hope that Peter Parker is already established as Spider-Man in the MCU. We have seen the character's origins on multiple occasions. Though I could see his origin play a role in the upcoming Spider-Man film, having Peter's backstory play out in flashbacks would be a better move for the 2017 movie. With Spider-Man getting both a fresh start and a fresh face, this would be a perfect opportunity to present the iconic hero in a brand new way.

It is a new day for Spider-Man. Though I wish circumstances were different, I cannot help but be excited for the character as he joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There seems to be much in store for the Web Slinger such as spin-off films and of course Spider-Man being a part of major crossovers. However whatever plans Marvel may have for the character, I can only hope that the new Spider-Man movies will do what its predecessors did before it and that is live up to the name of Spider-Man.

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