Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Who is The Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

This past weekend, a triptych poster for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 hit the web (no pun intended). This poster showed off not one but three villains. Of course there was Electro, and the Rhino was there as well; but the bigger mystery was the person in the background: a character riding a glider. It has been long known that Norman Osborne would be in the film, and played by Chris Cooper; so this could only mean that Osborne would transform into the Green Goblin. While many would jump to Norman being displayed in the background, a closer look tells another story.

From this close up, it appears that the Goblin is not Norman Osborne but his son Harry Osborne, played by Dane DeHaan. This update certainly brings a new light to the upcoming sequel, as well as the ongoing franchise. Yet, despite things looking obvious, the question remains: who is the Green Goblin?

Many character have taken up the mantle of Green Goblin, but the primary one has always been Norman Osborne. With Harry's impending transformation, it could mean that things will be different in The Amazing Spider-Man series. However, just because Harry is riding a glider doesn't mean he will take it up the Goblin mantle. Harry's turn to the dark side could be just a prelude to the Green Goblin. Then again, he could transform into Green Goblin, and thereby changing things around for the sake of the film.

With Harry dawning at the very least a glider, we now have to ask a prominent question: what about Norman Osborne? In the first film, while he did not appear, we discovered that Norman Osborne is dying. It could be speculated that Norman's condition would not be permanent as he could become the Goblin.Yet, with Harry's direction in the upcoming film, what could this mean for Norman? In an update to the cast list, it suggest that Chris Cooper will not be in the film, meaning that Norman will not be taking the role of arch-nemesis anytime soon. Though Norman's appearance in Amazing Spider-Man 2 is up in the air, there are still two more films to go through. Recently, Chris Cooper pointed out that Norman has role to play in the overall franchise. So while Harry Osborne may become a goblin in the sequel, there is still a chance Norman will transform into The Goblin.

So the story of the Osbornes could be different this time around, but what role will it play in the upcoming film? Everyone knows that Electro will be the primary villain to The Amazing Spider-Man 2,and Rhino's role will  be minimal. So how will Spider-Man's arch nemesis be handled? The easiest thing to do is to build the character up throughout the movie. Goblin may not get  the expected screen time, but building up to him would make sense; plus we are likely to see Harry and Norman again in this franchise.

Well whether Harry will be Peter's greatest foe or Norman transforms into his iconic role, one thing can be for certain: Spider-Man is in for one hell of a fight. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on May 2,2014.