Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bold Prediction: Jason Momoa's role in Superman vs Batman.

Last week, it was reported that Game of Thrones' actor Jason Momoa would star in the upcoming Batman vs Superman. While he is not officially part of the film, that didn't stop people from speculating on who Momoa might be playing. Some believe that Momoa could be Doomsday: the kryptonian monster that once brought Superman to the brink of death. Other suggested that the actor could be playing Martian Manhunter: one of the founding member of Justice League. Between the two character, one role seems likely for Mamoa while the other does not. For the sake of argument, I have two theories of my own on who Jason Momoa could play and how they would fit in the upcoming blockbuster..


Alright so maybe it isn't original, but Momoa as Doomsday could work. First off, look at the guy!
If Momoa is playing any comicbook character, it is going to be one that is physically dominating character.  So Doomsday is a great fit for Mamoa; but how would you go about bringing this character to the silver screen? The character would no doubt be different. I could see the filmmakers going down the road that Doomsday could be a kryptonian hybrid bred in a science lab. Perhaps someone like say Lex Luthor could take the remains of the Kryptonians in Man of Steel and create his own soldier. It is a crazy idea to go with, but it might be possible. Plus, if you are going to have a villain that would be a threat to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, then Doomsday is a perfect fit. Plus, if Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were to go against Doomsday, then maybe facing a threat like this monster could be the prelude to the formation of Justice League. 

The other character that comes to mind is in fact a Batman villain. This character would be a great way to get Batman into Metropolis. While this is COMPLETELY unlikely, it could be a good choice for Jason Mamoa. The character I'm thinking is...


I know many still think as Tom Hardy as Bane.. However, I think Mamoa could be a good fit for the Batman villain. He has the physique to be Bane; and, while he is not at the caliber of Tom Hardy, he could pull off the character. As I said, this choice is completely unlikely, but I think if filmmakers are going for crossover Batman and Superman, it could work.

As I said, Bane could be the character that could bring Batman into Metropolis. Batman could be chasing the villain to the city and then gets into the conflict with Superman. While problems with Batman and Superman begin to stir, Lex Luthor could hire Bane to either take both heroes out or just ensure Luthor's protection.  It would be a great way to have a Batman villain in "Batman vs Superman"; thus grasping the idea that this film is not just a Superman movie. I realized that seeing Bane again would be nothing new, but if the filmmakers want to make this a Superman/Batman movie, they might need a pairing of  the heroes' villains.

My accusations are probably wrong, but either way: I feel either roles would be a good fit for both Mamoa, and the film itself. What do you think?

Batman vs Superman hits theaters on July 17, 2015.