Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Trailer Analysis: The Magic Comes To Life in Maleficent Teaser

It time another trailer analysis: a breakdown to latest previews. Today, we head into the world of Disney. When we think of Disney, we think of lot of classic fairy tales; such as Sleepy Beauty. However, in the 1959 film, the biggest star came from the tale's villain: Maleficent. For years, Disney fans has seen this horned villainess as a devious icon; but now, it seems that fans could be seeing Maleficent in a different light. Coming next summer, is Maleficent: a new take to the Sleepy Beauty fairy tale; and now online is the film's first trailer. What can we expect from this new take on a Disney Classic? Find out on Trailer Analysis.


As soon as the trailer opens, you can tell there is magic in the air.  It looks like the movie is taking no expense at bringing the fantasy to life. I could question the overall effects of the film, but honestly, I understand. The magic has to be a spectacle, and that's what it look like in this teaser.

A Shadowy Perspective:

Throughout the teaser, Aurora(Ellie Fanning) talks to Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) as she stands in the shadows. She mentions that Maleficent has been watching Aurora all her life. I think that covers the movie's theme pretty well. It tells us that we will be seeing things from Maleficent's perspective, and what we see might surprise us. 

Reimagining a Classic:

When I saw Aurora about to touch the needle, I couldn't help but think of the classic animated film. While the film will be looking at Maleficent's side of things, it seems that filmmakers want to bring the moments' of the fairy tale to life. It begs the question if we will see other moments;, such as dragon. Maybe we'll see in the full trailer. 


It seems only fitting end this by talking about Maleficent herself. It interesting because despite that movie is called Maleficent, you don't see a lot of her in the teaser. Through most of the trailer, Maleficent is in the shadows and speaks once. I think her presence sets the mood of the film and it give the teaser the right kind of excitement.

There wasn't much to see in this teaser, but I think the preview gave us everything we need to know about Maleficent. Just by watching the trailer, the fantasy of Sleepy Beauty is certain to come to life and; Angelina Jolie looks to be bringing a new kind of Maleficent on the silver screen. 

Maleficent hits theaters on May 30,2014.