Thursday, October 24, 2013

Trailer Analysis: Explosions on Mystery for Captain America:The Winter Soldier

Thor: The Dark World will be hitting theaters in two weeks;  but I'm not here to talk about the The Mighty Avenger. Today goes to The First Avenger, Captain America; as hitting the web is the first trailer to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The film arrives theaters next spring, but after watching this preview, April can't come soon enough. Full of explosions and drama, the trailer promises a deep story for Steve Rogers. However, to get better understanding of things,it's time to take closer look into the teaser of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 

Captain America in SHIELD

In an interesting turn of events, it would seem that Captain America has joined SHIELD. Strange seeing that he did not leave on the best of terms with organization after the events of The Avengers. Well, I suppose Capt needed something to do. The trailer shows us that isn't just a movie about Captain America, but a SHIELD as well.  Some reason, Captain America and SHIELD go hand in hand; in fact, I can't think of a hero better for SHIELD to be tied with then Captain America.

As I have already pointed out,  Captain America was not on the best terms with SHIELD at the end of The Avengers; however, after what I've seen in this trailer, things are going to get better. Why? Well that's another point in the teaser.

The Spy Game:

Despite that The Winter Soldier is a blockbuster riddle in action, I feel that at the film's core, it could be a espionage movie. It seem that the organization of spies have secrets in their secrets. From this preivew, we will could be hitting the dark places of SHIELD; and it doesn't sit well with Captain America.

 I believe that this sequel will be about spy world of the Marvel Universe. Sure this theme may not lead  to spectacles like what we will see in Thor:The Dark World, but I think a spy story for The Winter Soldier is going to give this film depth and something that will stands out.

New Faces:
We may be seeing the likes of Black Widow and Nick Fury again, however The Winter Soldier will be bringing new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Front and center in this trailer is Robert Redford who will be playing senior leader of SHIELD, Alexander Pierce. We don't get to know Pierce in this preview, but we can tell that he is up to something. 

The other character, while he doesn't have many scenes, is Sam Wilson, or better known as Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie. He may not have many scenes, or lines for that matter, but Mackie does stand in this trailer by spreading wings and taking flight. I'm not sure what role Falcon will play in the overall film, but the character represents a new cast of Marvel superheroes, and I'm excited to see the interpretation on screen.

Enemy Within

I've already talked SHIELD's secrets coming to light, but after the trailer, I can't help but feel that the most prominent enemy is not The Winter Soldier. I think this film is going play the "don't trust anyone" card as you won't know who the real mastermind is until the very end. I'm calling it now and saying that Robert Redford can't be trusted; but I think that is obvious. What's going to make Pierce's direction is not his affiliation, but his motivation. The point is, Capt is going to have to take Fury's words of advice and "keep both eyes open". 

The Winter Soldier
And now we come to man of the hour: The Winter Soldier. Despite that The Winter Soldier is the main antagonist and his name is in the title, you see very little of the character in the trailer. This actually works in the Winter Soldier's favor. While he may not saying anything in the teaser, Winter Soldier's presence is all but atmospheric as he will no doubt be a threat.  That and him catching Capt's shield at the end is definitely the trailer's highlight. 

As teaser trailers go, this preview features say a lot while not being specific on the details. However, I'll say this much: I was excited for this movie; but now I am ecstatic for Captain America's adventure.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be hitting theaters April 4,2014.

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