Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Paul Rudd: A good choice for Ant-Man

This week, it was reported Marvel Studios  are narrowing down on who they would like to play Ant-Man in for the upcoming "Phase 3" film. According to the reports, the studio is looking at Joesph Gordon Levitt and Paul Rudd to play the character. However, in an update, Gordon-Levitt denies the speculation; but that's ok,  because this article is not about JGL. If Marvel is in fact narrowing their search to Paul Rudd, then I would have no problem with this decision.

 Paul Rudd has been known for his comedic performances. While Rudd does have dramatic roles under his belt,  his comedic side is what  stands out. So having this star playing Ant-Man might look strange on paper. As far as I know, Ant-Man has never been known for his sense of humor. The character is a scientist after all (not that I'm saying that scientist don't have a sense of humor).  So why is Paul Rudd a good choice for Ant-Man?

To be perfectly honest: curiosity. On paper Paul Rudd doesn't scream Ant-Man. However, given the choice that we have seen this week, Rudd seem to fit. Paul Rudd's demeanor and charisma would work for a portrayal of Henry Pym. While I think having Rudd as Ant-Man is wild card, I believe that with the direction of Edgar Wright, Rudd would be perfect to play the Avenger.

There is still no word that Rudd will get the part, but given the information from this week, he might be shoe in to play the role. If Paul Rudd does become Ant-Man, then I think we are in for a surprise. Sure, Rudd doesn't have the variety that Joesph Gordon-Levitt has; but I believe there is an opportunity with this choice; for both Paul Rudd and Marvel Studios.