Monday, September 9, 2013

Robocop and the ongoing issue of Remakes

This past weekend, the first trailer to the Robocop remake hit the web. Now as soon as the footage rolls, any fan could tell you that the filmmakers have made some changes. This is something that can lead to problems for remakes. As soon as fans realize that the remake is not the same the original, they immediately form a bandwagon of hating this film. So how do remakes get around these issues? Some may think that the best move would be to make the remake exactly like the original. However, that's not a good thing either. Movies likes the 1998 Psycho and 2010 Clash of Titans were met with massive criticism; and one of the reasons was because they were too much like the classics. So which is it moviegoers? Should remakes be their own films or should they just redo their predecessor?

Remakes walk on a thin line. To a remake right, the films need to play with the same elements of the previous film but not be a carbon copy. A good example of this would be John Carpenter's The Thing. Some people may forget , but Carpenter's classic horror film was a remake to "The Thing From Another World". Yet, rather then copying the movie frame by frame, Carpenter took the idea of the film and recreated into his image; and what we got a film that exceeded its predecessor.

There is no stopping the creations remakes. Sooner or later, may be getting a revamp. However, this should give filmmakers a perfect opportunity to take movies that they love and turned into something refreshing. However,  filmmakers should also remember where these movies come from and never try strain the source material. In the case of Robocop, only time will tell where the film stands. However by watching the trailer, I feel there is an 80's tone to film; so that should count for something.