Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Decline in Pixar? What has happened to the Animated Studio?

What is going on with Pixar Studios? Perhaps I should make myself clear. Ok, here I go...what's going on with Piaxar Studios? It is not as though the animated studio is any trouble. However with the recent news that Pixar's next film, The Good Dinosaur, will be heading to theaters in 2015, which means that there is no movie coming out in 2014.This will mark the first time in a while that Pixar has had no film to release in theaters.

However, it is not just the recent news on The Good Dinosaurs. Since 2011, Pixar has not had a major win at the movies. Oh sure, the past 3 releases have made money and received decent amount of reviews( well except for Cars 2), but none of those movies took the entertainment world by storm. In other words, Pixar hasn't had a definitive movie in quite sometime.

Maybe this decline in quality is because of other studios, such as DreamWorks. In the same time of Pixar's lackluster films, Dreamworks has continue to explore the world of animation and up their game with every film they release (well almost every film). Even Disney's animated studio has raised their quality. Maybe it's not that Pixar has gotten bad. Perhaps it's just that other animated studios have gotten better.

Is this blog stating that the popular animated branch from Disney is in trouble? No. However, I feel that Pixar is missing something; and that something is the magic that made the animated studio s great. Then again, who knows; maybe their next films will be hit. However, this absence of Pixar in 2014 can be both a good thing and bad thing. It might hurt the studio in a business standpoint; but perhaps Pixar will take this time to make their upcoming projects as solid as they can be. We will have to see what Pixar's next move is going to be.