Sunday, July 14, 2013

Grown Ups 2 beating Pacific Rim shows Quality over Quantity.

The weekend box office results are in and it has me shaking my head. It is no shock that Despicable Me 2 would still remain strong. However, what may not sit well for moviegoers would be Grown Ups 2 outdoing Pacific Rim. Now we get here the reports about how poorly Pacific Rim did, and now Legendary's well being will be questioned for their upcoming projects. However, is that really what people are going to take away from Pacific Rim?

If you have seen my Film Venture on the film (which can be seen right below this), then you know that I liked Pacific Rim. It was a fantastic summer blockbuster that does a terrific job at playing homage to giant monster movies. Most of the sources I've looked feel the same way. Sure, opinions can vary, but it lookslike the general response of Pacific Rim is positive.

So a good movie is going to look bad because audiences thought it would be good to see what Adam Sandler was up too. Well on the bright side, Pacific Rim will come up on top. One one hand, it could get good numbers next weekend; and perhaps get a strong following the film hits Blu-Ray/DVD. While the likes of Grown Ups 2 will be forgotten; and for good reason. Nevertheless, the box office results show that sometimes it is better to look at the quality instead of the quantity.