Monday, September 17, 2012

Welcome to Something Cinematic

Welcome one and all to Something Cinematic: the blog for moviegoers by a moviegoer. My name Tim or better known as Timdiana. Something Cinematic has come in many forms over the years, the most notable form being the movie podcast; and while I will still be working on the podcast, I have decided to expand the name of Something Cinematic in other mediums, which brings me to this blog.

Something Cinematic will now have its very own blog where I will be posting movie news and my thoughts on the world of the silver screen. Hopefully this blog will give you some insight or give a chance to catch on some news if just so happened to miss it. So don't run for the hills, stick around to see this new blog on films, because it is only just the beginning of something new, something different, Something Cinematic. Stay tune for more.